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Winterize Your Home

As the seasons change, so does the weather. It’s important for you to protect your biggest investment, your home! Here are 5 tips to help winterize your home.

Check your roof

When was the last time you ensured there were no major problems with your roof? Are you positive there’s no cracks, damaged shingles, or holes? It’s best to check on potential damages before the weather gets wet (especially here in the PNW) so you’re not also dealing with a leak when it’s pouring rain in a few weeks or months. Instead, have your roof checked now, and repair any minor damages as soon as you find them. It’s not worth the money or the hassle to put it off.

Check your siding

Similar to your roof, you don’t want to find a problem with your siding after it’s been raining hard for a few days. Save money and have your siding inspected before the weather changes and you notice mold, leaks, and more due to damaged siding. If you need new siding, it’s best to have it installed before winter to ensure no internal damage occurs before you can get the siding replaced.

Check your windows

We know, we sound a bit like a broken record at this point, but it’s imperative that you check, replace, and/or weatherize your windows before the downpour season hits. Windows give you a view to the outside without having to suffer the conditions. However, if there’s an issue with a window in your home, it could be stressful. It’s better for your stress level and your wallet to replace and damaged windows right away.

Add a sunroom

In the Pacific Northwest especially, it’s not always pleasurable to be outside during the winter, but it’s still beautiful and people love to look outside. This is where a sunroom comes in to save the day! Adding a sunroom to your home allows you to spend time “outdoors” without being subject to the cold, wet weather.

Call Exteriors/Exteriors of Oregon

There’s tons to consider when it comes to winterizing your home. Lucky for you, at Exteriors/Exteriors of Oregon, we focus solely on the outside of your home. We can help with your roofing, siding, windows, sunrooms, and more. Don’t hesitate — contact Exteriors/Exteriors of Oregon today.

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