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New Year, New Exterior!

Many people set New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year. What if this year, you said “new year, new exterior” instead? Now is the time to focus on your exterior home remodeling projects in preparation for the Summer of 2021 and beyond.

Simple Siding Updates

Every year, you say to yourself, “I need to update my siding this year.” Yet, somehow, a new year is upon us and you haven’t updated that siding. 2021 is your year to get your siding updated! You can upgrade your siding to premium vinyl or James Hardie plank siding to give your home a fresh new look. Not only are you enhancing the look of your siding with an upgrade, but you’re also improving the protection siding provides to your home.

The Perfect Path

Maybe the path to your front door is lined with pavers, or your backyard is embellished with a premium outdoor living space with paths of pavers leading from the patio to the garden. Either way, if it’s been a few years since you last updated your pavers, it’s likely you’re noticing cracks and loose pavers. Replace those pavers to improve the stability and beauty of those paths.

Overhead Protection

As summer approaches, you’re probably thinking about BBQs, backyard campfires, and spending time with friends and family. Add a sunroom or patio cover to your home to protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun in the summer and the rain the rest of the year. While a patio cover will keep you from getting wet and out of the direct sunlight, a sunroom protects you from the elements from all angles. Plus, who doesn’t want a fancy sunroom or patio cover to intrigue their guests?

Don’t Do It Alone

These updates or replacements can lead to anxiety and stress almost instantly. That’s why we don’t want you to have to handle these projects alone. Contact Exteriors & Exteriors of Oregon to learn more about how we can help with your exterior remodeling project. Concerned about financing? Don’t worry — we offer financing for your exterior remodeling projects, too! We can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us today.

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