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Important End of the Year Exterior Remodeling Projects

As the days and months keep going by, we’re quickly nearing the end of 2020. In the Pacific Northwest, that means rain, wind, potentially some snow and ice, and colder weather in general. While there are numerous projects to be completed by the end of the year, here are Exteriors & Exteriors of Oregon’s top recommended year-end home remodeling projects.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

If you’ve been thinking about refreshing or even completely changing the color of the outside of your home, now is the time to do it! You want to get this completed before the cold, wet weather fully sets in so the quality of your paint job isn’t negatively impacted. Plus, who wants to stand outside in the cold and wet weather to paint their house?

A Warmer, Clearer View

You could feel the cold draft last winter. You can see the condensation inside the window panes each morning. You know it’s time to upgrade your windows, but you just haven’t prioritized it. Now is the time! Don’t spend another winter avoiding windows to keep warm -- get new windows installed before the cold weather is officially here to stay!

A Protective Layer

Siding can help protect your home from the cold, wet weather Vancouver, Washington and the surrounding Pacific Northwest areas experience every winter. Maybe you skipped updating the siding last year when it should have been done, or maybe you’re just ready to upgrade. Either way, you should have new siding installed now before the elements throw a wrench in your plans. Plus, you’ll enhance your home’s curb appeal before the family arrives for the holidays.

Get Help From Exteriors & Exteriors of Oregon

Don’t wait for the winter weather to set in — upgrade your siding, windows, paint, and more. Welcome your family to a freshened up home for the holidays this year with the help of Exteriors & Exteriors of Oregon. We offer 100% financing for all of your exterior home improvement projects. Contact Exteriors & Exteriors of Oregon today for a free quote!

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