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3 Ways To Stay Sane During Quarantine

With the current state of COVID-19, also commonly referred to as Coronavirus, we’re being instructed to stay home in order to stop the spread of the virus. Schools and workplaces are closed, while local restaurants have switched to delivery and take-out only. Grocery store shelves are bare as panic-buyers stock up on items like toilet paper.

While we’re all spending our time inside with our families, we’re bound to go a little stir crazy. Exteriors/Exteriors of Oregon has 3 ways to help you beat the insanity during the COVID-19 stay home, stay safe orders.

1. Build a Routine For Your Days

Maybe this means waking up at the same time everyday, then exercising and eating a healthy breakfast. Or maybe this means you work on house chores during your typical working hours if you’re out of work. Whatever it looks like for you, having a routine helps the days go by a little faster and help you feel more productive and accomplished.

2. Get Outside

While we have been ordered to stay home in Washington, this doesn’t mean we can’t go out for a walk with our dogs or a bike ride with our kids. Getting outside, especially on these nice spring days we’ve been having, improves your mood and wellbeing. Beyond that, it gets you outside of the house for a little bit, which just might help with feeling like you’re going stir crazy.

3. Work Towards a Dream Project

As you’re sitting at home, you probably catch yourself daydreaming about the new addition you want on your home, or that new siding you can’t wait for. Instead of just daydreaming about it, take steps towards making it happen! Do your research to determine what kind of addition you want — maybe a sunroom is a good investment. Plan out exactly what you want the end result to be. This way, you’ll be ready to put the project in motion as soon as it’s safe to do so.

If working towards a dream project is high on your priority list, give us a call. We offer a free no-meet, no-contact quote. We can quote your sunroom, roofing, windows, siding, decking and other exterior projects with just a few basic questions. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured in both Washington and Oregon. We are scheduling projects to start as soon as this crisis is over. We look forward to working with you on your next exterior project!

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